Monday, 2 November 2009

Weather Report for September to October 2009

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 The weather records have a gap because the author had a gut infection on 9-11 - I do not suppose that any extreme islamist was responsible.  Both months were warm.  Evening wood fires were begun on the 10th October.  Unexpected and severe ground frosts arrived between the 15-19 October which killed the leaves (I hope no more) of the young Paulownia trees which I had planted.  Large Paulownias produce beautiful blue flowers and seem to be frost-secure.  But young plants need love and care.  The aubergines, remains of potatoes, and various annual flowers also hit the dust!
There was little rain except for the 18th September [25mm] and the 21st October [28mm].  The ground was hard and cracked. 
On the 15th and 16th October large skeins of cranes flew southwards.  At least 200 birds.  They make a great noise as the fly, constantly cackling to each other.
Fungi are very few. But towards the end of October considerable numbers of field mushrooms [Agaricus campestris] appeared. The French call them Rosés des Prés.  We ate some.  But still as November arrives, few other species are about. No ceps have been seen this year, nor any Trompettes de Mort.

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