Thursday, 1 July 2010

Bimonthly Weather Report May-June 2010

Summer arrived belatedly on the 22nd June.  The overnight temperatures were about five degrees on average below those of 2009.  In the middle of May the central heating was still in use.  Sleet fell on the 5th.  Rainfall was high in both months, with 67 and 157 mms respectively.  In 2009 the figures were 50 and 38 mms.  The first half of June was perhaps the wettest period we have had in 11 years.  The exceptional fall of 54 mm on the 9th was in more southern France exceeded by many times that with serious flooding and damage in the Var region.  But after the 22nd of June all was back to normality with no rain and finally considerable heat with the day temperatures approaching 30.
Natural History.  The numbers of the green eyed horsefly Philipomyia graeca seem to be very much less this year.  They fly into the house and get trapped on the windows.   The Hoopoe (an exotic brown/orange and black bird, with a delightful crest) seems more common.