Friday, 4 March 2011

Bimonthly Weather Report

January was decidedly warmer than those of 2009 and 2010.
Min temps. in order 2.06, 0.58, and this year 2.87
Max temps. 7.23, 4.46, and 8.23
February continued similarly
Min temps. 3.87, 1.93 and 4.14
Max temps. 10.08, 7.96, and 11.07
However the numbers of night frosts showed no trend.  2010 had more frosts.  In 2011 no snow fell in January/February.
The 1st Viola odorata  was in flower on the 1st January. The 1st snowdrop on the 16th January (as in 2009 and 2008)  I was glad to see the local wild snowdrops which I transplanted to the edge of our lower woodland produced 8 flowers on February 7th (3 in 2010 on February 19th).  It is always several degrees colder in the valley bottom.  
Celandines in flower on 28th February.
On the 25th February a skein  of about 50 Cranes flew North-East (1st March in 2010).